That’s a Great Plan, Now What Should I Drive!

The next question was what to take for the drive. In the spirit of the guy with the Model A, it should be something very basic without any modern stuff…no air conditioning or cruise control, no GPS or iTunes. Nope, it would be best if it didn’t even have a top!

I first thought about asking my son Josh for the use of the 1968 Lotus Seven which I have passed on to him, and which I have driven coast to coast and border to border in years past, but decided against it for two reasons. First, he has spent a lot of effort restoring it to a standard that would be abused by adding so many miles of hard driving, and second, I need just a bit more in a conveyance as the Seven is cramped and difficult to get in and out of as well as having no real weather protection. So I looked within my cars and chose my 1965 Lotus Elan which is a perfect little tool for avoiding all Interstate highways as much as possible.

The added purpose of the trip, besides the joy of exploring the country, will be to raise funds for the Roundup River Ranch, a medically-supported camp for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. One of the Paul Newman founded Hole in the Wall Gang group camps, the focus of my efforts on this trip will be to not just raise money, but also awareness of Roundup River Ranch and the other camps in the network. Most importantly, we who are given much and still have the health that allows this experience and crazy adventure to happen, owe these kids our best. Besides, every time I see the kids at camp, I am the one who is renewed by their energy and grace.

My hope is to get contributions from as many as possible on a cents per mile basis: $.01/mile would be $115.00, and so on. Perhaps one can only contribute ¼ cent per mile, or would like to do $ .10 per mile, or even more. Any contribution would be welcome…it’s for the kids after all. More in the next Post!

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